Steve Jobs: 你知道怎么让这些人别再抱怨吗?我们应该给 AT&T 开张十亿的支票,如果真没得赚,那这十亿就是他们的。让我们给他们十亿闭上他们的烂嘴吧。

这就是胆识和眼界,开创一个新的模式 ── 设备制造商也能从运营商的收入里面分成。试问除了苹果公司,还有哪家?

When he worked at telecommunications consulting firm, Adventis, Raj Aggarwal met with Apple’s Steve Jobs twice a week for several months. In an August 15 interview, Aggarwal explained how Steve Jobs persuaded AT&T’s Cingular Wireless to provide service for the iPhone with an unprecedented revenue sharing agreement. […]

Aggarwal was impressed by the way Jobs was willing to take a risk to realize his vision. “In one meeting in the conference room with Jobs, he was annoyed that AT&T was spending too much time worrying about the risks of the deal. So he said, ‘You know what we should do to stop them from complaining? We should write AT&T a check for $1 billion and if the deal doesn’t work out, they can keep the money. Let’s give them the $1 billion [Apple had $5 billion in cash at the time] and shut them the hell up,’” Aggarwal recounted.

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source: How Steve Jobs Got ATT To Share Revenue - Forbes