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[新闻] IBM OMR项目正式开源

代码在GitHub上:GitHub - eclipse/omr: OMR project

项目负责人Mark Stoodley刚刚在EclipseCon上做了相关的演讲:OMR: a modern toolkit for building language runtimes, EclipseCON 2016



  • port: platform porting library
  • thread: a cross platform pthread-like threading library
  • util: general utilities useful for building cross platform runtimes
  • omrsigcompat: signal handling compatibility library
  • omrtrace: tracing library for communication with IBM Health Center monitoring tools
  • tool: code generation tools for the build system
  • gc: garbage collection framework for managed heaps
  • vm: APIs to manage per-interpreter and per-thread contexts
  • example: demonstration code to show how a language runtime might consume some OMR components
  • fvtest: a language-independent test framework so that OMR components can be tested outside of a language runtime



2016-09的更新:[新闻] IBM/Eclipse OMR的编译器部分也已开源,以及IBM即将开源J9 VM - 编程语言与高级语言虚拟机杂谈(仮) - 知乎专栏

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