Python数据分析及可视化实例之Flask Web开发

Python数据分析及可视化实例之Flask Web开发









Flask教程推荐:Flask Web开发:基于Python的Web应用开发实战(狗书



Flask-AppBuilder          - Simple and rapid Application builder, includes detailed security, auto form generation, google charts and much more.
FlaskEx                   - UNKNOWN
gourd                     - easy server framework. add flask's style route to tcp/udp server.
kit                       - Flask, Celery, SQLAlchemy integration framework.
Flask-WTF                 - Simple integration of Flask and WTForms
alchemist                 - A server architecture built on top of a solid foundation provided by flask, sqlalchemy, and various extensions.
Flask-Mail                - Flask extension for sending email
sga                       - make it easier to use pyga for web develop. and make pyga compatible with flask and django.
flask-peewee              - Peewee integration for flask
flask_util_js             - flask's util in javascript. such as url_for etc.
Flask-Security            - Simple security for Flask apps
Flask-RESTful             - Simple framework for creating REST APIs
Flask-SeaSurf             - An updated CSRF extension for Flask.
Flask-Cache               - Adds cache support to your Flask application
Flask-Admin               - Simple and extensible admin interface framework for Flask
Flask-Slither             - A small library between MongoDB and JSON API endpoints
Flask-Bootstrap           - An extension that includes Bootstrap in your project, without any boilerplate code.
Flask-Script              - Scripting support for Flask
Flask-GoogleLogin         - Extends Flask-Login to use Google's OAuth2 authorization
Flask-Exceptional         - Adds Exceptional support to Flask applications
Flask                     - A microframework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and good intentions
  INSTALLED: 0.10.1 (latest)
clay-flask                - Clay is a framework for building RESTful backend services using best practices.
Flask-Classy              - Class based views for Flask
ShelfCMS                  - Enhancing flask microframework with beautiful admin and cms-like features
Flask-DebugToolbar        - A port of the Django debug toolbar to Flask
Flask-Actions             - custom actions for flask to help manage your application
Flask-Pypi-Proxy          - A Pypi proxy
Flask-LwAdmin             - Flask-LwAdmin is minimalistic administrative interface building extension for the Flask framework
Flask-MustacheJS          - Mustache integration in Flask, with Jinja and client-side libraries.
flask-easymode            - Make Flask development even easier
Flask-Restless            - A Flask extension for easy ReSTful API generation
Flask-Holster             - Rigid MVC content negotiation for Flask
Flask-MongoAlchemy        - Add Flask support for MongoDB using MongoAlchemy.
Buro                      - A very simple Python-powered open-source web framework inspired by Flask, but following different design decisions
Eve                       - REST API framework powered by Flask, MongoDB and good intentions.
Flask-Login               - User session management for Flask
Flask-uWSGI-WebSocket     - High-performance WebSockets for your Flask apps powered by uWSGI.
coaster                   - Coaster for Flask
Flask-Heroku-Cacheify     - Automatic Flask cache configuration on Heroku.
Flask-SQLAlchemy          - Adds SQLAlchemy support to your Flask application
tyron                     - Gevent redis/pubsub event notifier written in flask and gevent
Flask-WebCache            - A Flask extension that adds HTTP based caching to Flask apps
Flask-JinjaHelpers        - Various helpers for Flask based Jinja2 templates.
Erlenmeyer                - Automatically generate Flask servers from Core Data.
quorum                    - Quorum Extensions for Flask
Flask-Funnel              - Asset management for Flask.
mimerender                - RESTful HTTP Content Negotiation for Flask, Bottle, and webapp2 (Google App Engine)
Frozen-Flask              - Freezes a Flask application into a set of static files.
Flask-OAuthlib            - OAuthlib for Flask
Flask-Assets              - Asset management for Flask, to compress and merge CSS and Javascript files.
flask-heroku              - Heroku environment variable configurations for Flask
Flask-Social              - Simple OAuth provider integration for Flask-Security
Flask-AutoIndex           - The mod_autoindex for Flask
Flask-Sijax               - An extension for the Flask microframework that adds Sijax support.
Flask-MxitGA              - Google analytics for flask and mxit.
Flask-AlchemyView         - Simple ModelView for auto-generating Flask Views based on SQLAlchemy models
Flask-CuddlyRest          - Flask restful API framework for MongoDB/MongoEngine
Flask-Lastuser            - Flask extension for Lastuser
flask-appconfig           - Configures Flask applications in a canonical way. Also auto-configures Heroku. Aims to standardize configuration.
Flask-And-Redis           - Simple as dead support of Redis database for Flask apps.
flask-restful-swagger     - Extrarct swagger specs from your flast-restful project
jac                       - A Jinja extension (compatible with Flask and other frameworks) to compile and/or compress your assets.
Flask-Twitter-OEmbedder   - Embedded tweets in Flask Jinja2 Templates with only the Tweet_ID
Flask-Migrate             - SQLAlchemy database migrations for Flask applications using Alembic
latexrender               - A simple Flask app for rendering latex snippets into images.
cheddar                   - PyPI clone with Flask and Redis
Pynuts                    - Pynuts is a Flask extension simplifying the implementation of the generic views of your app.
Flask-Bcrypt              - Brcrypt hashing for Flask.
Flask-Principal           - Identity management for flask
Flask-DebugToolbar-LineProfilerPanel - Panel for the Flask Debug toolbar to capture and view line-by-line profiling stats
Flask-Dropbox             - Dropbox Python SDK support for Flask applications.
Flask-Mustache            - Mustache for Flask
Flask-PyMongo             - PyMongo support for Flask applications
Flask-Testing             - Unit testing for Flask
Flask-Gravatar            - Small extension for Flask to make using Gravatar easy
Flask-SuperAdmin          - The best admin interface framework for Python. With scaffolding for MongoEngine, Django and SQLAlchemy.
Flask-OpenID              - OpenID support for Flask
Flask-KVSession           - Transparent server-side session support for flask
Flask-Marcos              - ERP apps Flask container
Flask-WePay               - WePay API support
Flask-S3                  - Seamlessly serve the static files of your Flask app from Amazon S3
Flask-Snooze              - Backend agnostic REST API provider for Flask
Flask-CouchDBKit          - Flask extension that provides integration with CouchDBKit.
GitHub-Flask              - GitHub extension for Flask microframework
Flask-Neo4j               - Flask extension providing integration with Neo4j.
flask-mongoengine         - Flask support for MongoDB and with WTF model forms
flask-mwoauth             - Flask blueprint to connect to a MediaWiki OAuth server
Flask-Permissions         - Simple user permissions for Flask
Flask-Genshi              - An extension to Flask for easy Genshi templating.
Flask-FlatPages           - Provides flat static pages to a Flask application
airbrake-flask            - airbrake-flask - Airbrake client for Python Flask
Flask-Injector            - Adds Injector, a Dependency Injection framework, support to Flask.
simple_openid             - Simple OpenID. One-line setup for OpenID login for Flask.
Flask-Dogpile-Cache       - Adds dogpile.cache support to your Flask application
Flask-LazyViews           - Registering url routes for Flask app and blueprints in lazy way.
Flask-Celery              - Celery integration for Flask
Flask-LDAP                - Flask extension for LDAP auth and profile user
Flask-Creole              - Creole parser filters for Flask
Flask-Foundation          - An extension that includes the Foundation css framework in your project, without any boilerplate code.
Flask-Staticify           - Looks for static files in the additional locations as a fallback
Flask-arrest              - A small Flask extension to ease the creation of REST apis.
Flask-Evolution           - Simple migrations for Flask/SQLAlchemy projects
goblet                    - Git web interface using libgit2 and flask
Flask-WebTest             - Utilities for testing Flask applications with WebTest.
flask_yamlpage            - Flatpages in yaml syntax
Flask-Babel               - Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications
Flask-MongoKit            - A Flask extension simplifies to use MongoKit
Flask-Twip                - twitter API proxy extension for Flask microframework
Flask-JqueryUiBootstrap   - Flask jQuery UI Bootstrap minimalistic fork of Flask-Bootsrap extension
Flask-Augment             - Python decorators implementing contracts for flask framework
Flask-Heroku-Auth         - Flask Based Heroku Authentication.
tahoe                     - A Flask-based framework that handles the tedious things
flaskup                   - A simple Flask application to share files.
Flask-Redtask             - Redqueue integration for flask
testflask                 - Test flask applications easily.
wfgfw                     - word filter for gfw, include plugin for flask. download keywords:
Flask-Scrypt              - Flask-Scrypt extension provides scrypt password hashing                and random salt generation for Flask.
Flask-SSLify              - Force SSL on your Flask app.
Flask-HTTPAuth            - Basic and Digest HTTP authentication for Flask routes
Flask-Limiter             - Rate limiting for flask applications
Flask-Nytro               - Nytro is an extension to help the developers providing a set of useful tools giving even more facility to development apps with Flask.
Flask-PageDown            - Implementation of StackOverflow's "PageDown" markdown editor for Flask-WTF.
flask-geokit              - Geocoding toolkit
Flask-Rauth               - Adds OAuth 1.0/a, 2.0, and Ofly consumer support for Flask.
Flask-Split               - A/B testing for your Flask application
Flask-BabelPkg            - Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications and extensions
Flask-IdentityClient      - PassaporteWeb connection for Flask applications
Flask-Triangle            - Integration of AngularJS and Flask.
flask-whooshee            - Flask - SQLAlchemy - Whoosh integration
Flask-Negotiation         - Better content negotiation for flask
yell                      - User notification library with pluggable backends. Compatible with popular frameworks such as Django, Flask, Celery.
Flask-Resize              - Flask extension for resizing images in templates
Flask-Turbolinks          - Turbolinks for Flask.
Flask-Test                - Various unit testing helpers for Flask applications.
Flask-MakeStatic          - Make for your flask app assets
Flask-Versioned           - Add version info to file paths.
Flask-Jasmine             - Execution of Jasmine JavaScript tests within Flask
Flask-ReportableError     - handle errors that can be reported to the web client
Flask-RedisConfig         - Redis-backed config for Flask applications
Flask-GoogleAuth          - Super simple OpenID and Google Federated Auth for Flask apps.
Flask-GoogleMaps          - Small extension for Flask to make using Google Maps easy
lever                     - A tool for exposing SQLAlchemy models in Flask via REST
Flask-Auth                - Auth extension for Flask.
Flask-WeasyPrint          - Make PDF in your Flask app with WeasyPrint.
Flask-Github              - Adds support for authorizing users with Github to Flask
Flask-Anyform             - Flask application & extension for form integration
Flask-FedoraCommons       - Library for manipulating Fedora Commons digitial repositories
flaskle                   - bottle-like utility decorators for flask
Flask-Images              - Dynamic image resizing for Flask.
Flask-paginate            - Simple paginate support for Flask
Flask-Gears               - Gears for Flask
flask-skel                - Basic Flask paster skeleton template
flask-server              - UNKNOWN
Flask-TwitterBootstrap    - UNKNOWN
flask_simplerest          - A Flask extension for easy ReSTful API generation
weber_utils               - Utilities for the Weber flask template
Flask-MoreSQL             - Call PostgreSQL stored procedures from Flask
Flask-MySQL               - Flask simple mysql client
Flask-MVC                 - A framework to extend Flask to follow the model view controller, MVC, web application development pattern.
Flask-CouchDB             - Provides utilities for using CouchDB with Flask
Flask-Loopback            - Library for faking HTTP requests using flask applications without actual network operations
Flask-Macro4              - flask/jinja2 templating tools
abilian-core              - A framework for social business applications, based on Flask and SQLAlchemy
flask-oauthprovider       - A full featured and secure OAuth provider base
Flask-Fanstatic           - Flask integration for the Fanstatic resource publishing system.
Flask-Themes2             - Provides infrastructure for theming Flask applications                     (and supports Flask>=0.6!)
Flask-Should-DSL          - A flask extension for testing with should-dsl
Flask-Heroku-Env          - Easily fetch Heroku environment variables.
Flask-Themes              - Provides infrastructure for theming Flask applications
Flask-OAuth               - Adds OAuth support to Flask
Flask-BrowserID           - Flask support for BrowserID authentication
Flask-Administration      - UNKNOWN
madame                    - RESTful API for MongoDB built on Flask
Tornado-Restless          - flask-restless adopted for tornado
Flask-Presst              - REST API framework for Flask and SQLAlchemy
draftin_a_flask           - A simple Flask server that allows you to publish Pelican blags from
Flask-Mailgun             - Adds Mailgun support to Flask applications
Flask-Silk                - Adds silk icons to your Flask application or blueprint, or extension.
Flask-ErrorMail           - Flask extension for sending administrators e-mails with stacktraces when internal server errors occur.
fss                       - Compile Flask/Jinja2 site into static html content
Flask-Compressor          - Compress your CSS and JS files.
Flask-Dashed              - Adds a way to easily build admin apps
Flask-StatHat             - StatHat extension for Flask
Flask-ShortUrl            - Short URL generaotr for Flask
Flask-MAB                 - Multi-armed bandits for flask
Flask-LinkTester          - Link tester for Flask applications
Flask-Appcache            - Semi-automagically sets up appcache for you
apy                       - Pythonic API development with flask
Flask-Runner              - A set of standard command line arguments for Flask applications built on top of Flask-Script
Flask-Hopak               - Admin interface for Flask that uses Hopak models
Flask-JSONPages           - Provides static pages to a Flask application based on JSON
Flask-Simon               - Simple MongoDB Models for Flask
Flask-HTAuth              - Easy to integrate basic HTTP authentication for Flask apps
Flask-Collect             - Flask-Collect -- Collect static files in Flask application
Flask-GAE-Mini-Profiler   - Flask integration of gae_mini_profiler
Flask-Nicely              - Pretty Flask JSON responses for API building.
flask-command             - flask-command - Run you flask+gunicorn app as a command
Microbe                   - Micro Blog Engine inspired by Pelican and powered by Flask
Gluino                    - port of web2py libs to bottle, flask, pyramid, tornado (includes copy of modules from the web2py framework)
Flask-Views               - Class based views for Flask
Flask-CDN                 - Serve the static files in your Flask app from a CDN.
Flask-Moment              - Formatting of dates and times in Flask templates using moment.js.
Flask-MimeRender          - RESTful resource variant rendering using MIME Media-Types, for the Flask Micro Web Framework
flask-mongo-sessions      - Server-side sessions for Flask with MongoDB
Flask-Flarf               - Flask request filtering
simpleapi                 - A simple API-framework to provide an easy to use, consistent and portable client/server-architecture (for django, flask and a lot more).
Flask-Cors                - A Flask extension adding a decorator for CORS support
Flask-Compress            - Compress responses in your Flask app with gzip.
kt-flask-sessions         - Kyoto Tycoon backed sessions for Flask
Flask-SocketIO            - Socket.IO integration for Flask applications
Flask-Mitten              - Adds security functions to Flask applications for preventing some of the basic threats.
Flask-Track-Usage         - Basic metrics tracking for the Flask framework.
trappist                  - Mount your Flask or WSGI app in your Django app.
flask-gae_tests           - Flask Extension with base test cases to simplify testing Flask applications on App Engine.
Flask-Coffee              - Fill your flask with coffee.
tinysmtp                  - Basically Flask-Mail without the Flask part
Flask-Misaka              - A pleasant interface between the Flask web framework and the Misaka Markdown parser.
Flask-YAMLConfig          - YAML configurator for Flask app.
Flask-BasicAuth           - HTTP basic access authentication for Flask.
Flask-Scss                - Adds support for scss files to Flask applications
Flask-XML-RPC             - Adds support for creating XML-RPC APIs to Flask
Flask-WeRoBot             - Writing WeChat Robot by WeRoBot in Flask.
Flask-Mako                - Mako templating support for Flask applications.
flask-lazyapi             - A Simple, Restful MongoDB Server built on Flask and Flask-Classy
Flask-MetaRoute           - Extra routing capabilities for Flask
Flask-OpenERP             - OpenERP Connector for Flask
Flask-Pystmark            - A Flask extension for Postmark API library Pystmark
Flask-Split-JS            - A JavaScript library for Flask-Split.
Flask-FeatureFlags        - Enable or disable features in Flask apps based on configuration
Flask-Redis               - Redis Extension for Flask Applications
flask-coffee2js           - A small Flask extension that adds CoffeScript support to Flask.
flask-beans               - A simple API for counting beans with Flask and Redis.
flask-ypaginate           - Pagination for Flask
revise                    - Simple Schemas for Flask JSON Validation
Flask-Pigeon              - Flask messages extension.
flask-args                - auto type convertion for flask.request.form/args/values
Flask-Uploads             - Flexible and efficient upload handling for Flask
Flask-RSTPages            - Adds support for reStructuredText to a Flask application
Flask-Upstatic            - Opinionated library for working with CDNs in Flask.
Mlask                     - for Flask
Flask-BabelEx             - Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications
Flask-ToyBox              - Create somehow-RESTful HTTP APIs with Flask
Flask-Psycopg2            - postgresql adapter for Flask
flask-gae_blobstore       - Flask extension module for working with the blobstore & files apis on App Engine.
HipPocket                 - A wrapper around Flask to ease the development of larger applications
Flask-Heroku-Helpers      - Flask helpers for Heroku Apps
Flask-ExtDirect           - Adds Ext.Direct support to Flask.
Flask-Heroku-RQify        - Automatic RQ configuration for your Heroku Flask applications.
Flask-MongoSet            - Access MongoDB from your Flask application
quokka                    - Flexible & modular CMS powered by Flask and MongoDB
flask-gae_messages        - Flask extension for working with messages using the mail & xmpp apis on App Engine.
Flask-fillin              - A flask extension that provides utilities to test forms.
thunderdome-flask         - Thunderdome Flask integration
flask-utils               - Various Flask utilities.
flask-csrf                - A small Flask extension for adding CSRF protection.
flask_locust              - SQL-Migrations for your Application
Flask-MongoRest           - Flask restful API framework for MongoDB/MongoEngine
Flask-Breve               - Breve templating with Flask
Flask-Failsafe            - A failsafe for the Flask reloader
Flask-FlatPages-Pandoc    - Pandoc rendering for Flask-FlatPages
Flask-Restdoc             - Flask-Restdoc is a simple tool that generates RESTful API documentation automatically from python files.
Flask-FlatPages-Knitr     - Knitr rendering for Flask-FlatPages
happymongo                - Python module for making it easy and consistent to connect to MongoDB via PyMongo either in Flask or in a non-flask application
Flask-RQ                  - RQ (Redis Queue) integration for Flask applications
Flask-Compass             - Adds automatic Compass compilation to Flask
RESTfulEf                 - A generic restful api generator based on elixir and flask
Flask-Celery3             - Add Celery3 integration to your Flask apps.
Flask-Components          - A simple flask extension to discover files in a declared array of components.
Flask-Zen                 - Flask-Script commands to integrate with PyZen.
flask-heroku-mongoengine  - Heroku environment variable configurations for Flask
Flask-API                 - A Flask extension which allow to build and publish an API for a Flask application
Flask-Mandrill            - Adds Mandrill support to Flask applications
Flask-APIForm             - A simple form validator for REST APIs in Flask
Flask-FormEncode          - A form validation extension for Flask using the FormEncode package.
Flask-Autodoc             - Documentation generator for flask
Flask-NYC                 - New York Flask Meetup
Flask-Reggie              - Flask Regex Routes.
Flask-UUID                - UUID url converter for Flask routes
flask_markdown2           - A flask extension that adds a {% markdown %} tag to templates.
Flask-Router              - Tuned flask's URL routing library
Flask-Captain             - Handle webhooks with Flask
Flask-Color               - flask-color is an extension for Flask that improves the built-in web server with colors when debugging. Unnecessary clutter such as time or IP are hidden.
Flask-Wdb                 - Integrate Wdb instead of Werkzeug debugger for Flask applications
flask-lesscss             - A small Flask extension that adds LessCSS support to Flask.
Flask-Shorteners          - Flask Extension for some popular shorteners
Flask-Stache              - Simple mustache templating for Flask applications
Flask-Downloader          - Allow a Flask web app to download files on behalf of the user.
fl-static                 - Serve production static files with Flask.
Flask-MarrowMailer        - Marrow Mailer integration for Flask.
flask_cm                  - Cloud Mesh: managing multiple virtual machines in Clouds
Flask-WebSocket           - Elegant WebSockets for your Flask app.
Flask-API-Utils           - Flask utils which help you to create API.
Flask-ReqArg              - The decorator that maps request arguments into function arguments.
flask-xsrf                - A Flask extension for XSRF/CSRF protection.
flask-project-templates   - Paster templates for creating Flask projects
flasker                   - Flasker
Flask-Pagination          - Pagination Helpers for Flask Apps
Flask-GeoIP               - Flask-GeoIP

Simple Flask extension for pygeoip.
Flask-FlatPagesCut        - Flask-FlatPagesCut is fork Flask-FlatPages (Provides flat static pages to a Flask application)
Flask-Config-Override     - Override Flask configuration via Cookie at runtime.
flask-gemoji              - Add gemojis to your Flask apps
Flask-Shelve              - Shelve support for Flask
Flask-JsonSchema          - Flask extension for validating JSON requets
Flask-Jigger              - Web APIs for Flask, unintrusive.
Flask-HTMLBuilder         - Flexible Python-only HTML generation for Flask
flask-alchy               - Flask extension for alchy
Flask-Travis              - Easily fetch Travis CI environment variables when testing.
conmongo                  - A Flask microplugin based on pymongo
Flask-REST                - A simple REST toolkit for Flask
Flask-Jsonpify            - A simple Flask extension extending Flask's core jsonify functionality to support JSON-Padded responses, using the callback specified in the querystring
Flask-Heroku-Runner       - Minimalist Heroku bootstrap for Flask
flask-itemshop            - Simple flask blueprint (ItemBP) that you can mount in your app to get a basic purchase flow for a single item. Credit card processing is done with stripe.js and the stripe python API.
Flask-Mobility            - A Flask extension to simplify building mobile-friendly sites.
Flask-StatsD              - Access to statsd in your app.
Flask-Cake                - Flask extension to execute Cake on filesystem events.
Flask-OlinAuth            - A simple Flask extension implementing Olin's authentication
Flask-Sass                - A small Flask extension that makes it easy to use Sass with your Flask application.
Flask-Email               - Flask extension for sending email
Flask-Redistore           - Adds Redis support to your Flask applications
Flask-FAS                 - Adds Fedora Account System support to Flask
flask-multiconfig         - A simple extension to add advanced configuration source support.
Flask-Quik                - Quik for Flask
flask-urls                - A collection of URL-related functions for Flask applications.
Flask-DBConfig            - Configure Flask applications from a local DB
Flask-kale                - Use kale models on a flask project
flask-xuacompatible       - Sets X-UA-Compatible HTTP header in your Flask application.
Flask-Environ             - os.environ wrapper for flask config
Flask-Braces              - 
Flask-Kit                 - dependency injection (dip) using Flask
Flask-RBAC                - RBAC support for Flask
flask-yeoman              - UNKNOWN
Flask-MongoMyAdmin        - Simple MongoDB Administrative Interface for Flask
Flask-MenuBuilder         - An easy way to create menus to use with flask.
Flask-ACL                 - Access control lists for Flask.
Zolenmeyer                - Stupid personally customized Flask
Flask-Attest              - Test Flask applications with Attest
Flask-Bundle              - Class based tool that behaves like blueprints
Flask-Cache-PyLibMC       - PyLibMC cache for Flask-Cache, supports multiple operations
and other awesome things.
Flasky                    - Lazy man's Flask Application
Flask-Headers             - A Flask extension making adding headers one decorator away
Flask-Raptor              - Raptor support for Flask
flask-init                - UNKNOWN
flask-resources           - 
Flask-Storage             - Flask upload and storage extensions.
flask-samurai             - Easily create Heroku addons in Flask.
FlaskDeferredHandler      - A Flask handler for the Google Appengine's deferred library
flask_tryton              - Adds Tryton support to Flask application
taz                       - taz is the base for full stack Flask applications
Flask-Generic             - 
Flask-DBMigrate           - Database schema change management for Flask\SQLAlchemy
Flask-Roughage            - Very short description
Flask-HttpCaching         - flask http caching
Flask-Sendmail            - Flask extension for sendmail
Flask-Tweepy              - Tweet easily from Flask applications
flask-memcache-session    - Use memcache for store session data
Flask-Babel2              - Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications
git-golem                 - Git web interface using libgit2 and flask
Flask-Enterprise          - Enterprise capabilities for Flask
Flask-MongoRest-Swagger   - Swagger API generation for Flask-MongoRest
Flask-Ink                 - Easily integrate Sapo Ink's framework in your Flask project.
flask-revise              - 
flask-mailer              - A Flask extension for sending emails
flask-yamli18n            - Use yaml files as translation files in flask
mead                      - [Work In Progress] Flask-based CMS Influenced by WordPress
Flask-Cache-Latest        - Adds cache support to your Flask application
logy                      - A flask based web application for central logging
plush_web                 - Micro framework inspirated by Sinatra, Express and Flask.
Flask-Markdown            - Small extension to make using markdown easy
Funnel                    - Flask extension for Beaker
Flask-thumbnails          - A simple extension to create a thumbs for the Flask
Flask-Bridgekeeper        - Manage the access control of a flask application
Lapin                     - A flask-based web framework
WTCrud                    - CRUD forms for WTForms using Flask, Jinja2, SQLAlchemy
Slingr                    - Web development framework that builds and serves Cobs (deployable web applications), running on top of Flask
flask-codemirror          - Use CodeMirror Javascript library with Flask-WTF
Flask-NoExtRef            - Support for hiding external URL
Flask-DebugToolbar-Mongo  - MongoDB panel for the Flask Debug Toolbar
Flask-MakoTemplates       - All future development will be done under the name Flask-Mako at <>
Flask-Negotiate           - Content negotiation utility for Flask apps
Flask-Modus               - Flask Method Overriding Middleware.
Flask-Tools               - Command line interface for managing Flask projects.
Flask-Beanstalk           - Utilities for using Beanstalk with Flask
Flask-gzip                - Compress responses in your Flask app with gzip.
Flask-Sockets             - Elegant WebSockets for your Flask apps.
Flask-Environments        - Environment tools and configuration for Flask applications
rest-api-blueprint        - Pedagogical blueprint of a REST API in Flask.
flask_tlsauth             - Flask extension implementing TLS Authentication - simple client certificate CA inclusive
Flask-Authority           - 
Flask-ThriftClient        - Adds thrift client support to your Flask application
Flask-Pushrod             - An API microframework based on the idea of that the UI is just yet another API endpoint
Flask-Storages            - 
Flask-FBLogin             - Extends Flask-Login to use Facebook's OAuth2 authorization
Flask-GoogleFed           - Google Federated Logins for Flask.
Flask-SocialShare         - Flask social sharing helpers
Flask-Resource            - Build resource-oriented Web apps with Flask.
Flask-JSUtils             - Flask utilities in your javascript
Flask-Whiteprint          - An enhancement of flask blueprint.
Flask-ZODB                - Use the ZODB with Flask
skaffold                  - Flask/SQLAlchemy Admin Scaffold
flask-ratelimit           - 
webargs                   - A utility library for parsing HTTP request arguments, with built-in support for popular web frameworks, including Flask and Django.
Flask-RethinkDB           - Adds RethinkDB support to Flask
Flask-Roots               - Lightweight personal git server.
Flask-mongobit            - MongoBit support in Flask
flask-jade2underscore     - A small Flask extension adds suppot to Jade2Underscore templates compiler (used in Backbone) to Flask.
Flask-oDesk               - Adds oDesk API support to Flask
Flask-Landing             - Landing page for collecting emails.
perfume                   - Simple Object Oriented layer for Flask.
Flask-OldSessions         - Provides a session class that works like the one in Flask before 0.10.
Flask-ESClient            - Flask extension for ESClient (elasticsearch client)
Flask-Sixpack             - Flask wrapper for Sixpack
flatly                    - Pyramid scaffold that is flat.  Kind of like Flask.
flask-id                  - 
Flask-OtpAuth             - One Time Password Authentication for Flask
Flask-MongoObject         - Access MongoDB from your Flask application
vuuvv                     - A web framework using flask, like ror.
Flask-Forward             - Flask-Forward extension provides auto discovery,  prioritization and rendering of template for Flask based on endpoint
Flask-Fundatio            - Flask extension to integrate the Foundation front-end framework
django-kungfu             - A Flasky approach to distributed Django configuration
Flask-Validictory         - Simple integration between Flask and Validictory.
Flask-Async               - A fork of Flask to support asyncio
flask-cbv                 - Class based views for Flask.
Flask-AYAH                - Are you a Human? Flask Extension
Flask-Passlib             - Flask extension for passlib
flask-canvas              - A Flask extension for Facebook canvas-based apps
flask-stylus2css          - A small Flask extension that adds Stylus support to Flask.
Flask-Beaker              - Beaker session interface for Flask.
Flask-WhooshAlchemy       - Whoosh extension to Flask/SQLAlchemy
flask_ample               - basic setup of ample for flask
assentio                  - A minimal, lightweight flask-based blog
Flask-MultipleBlueprint   - Decorate function using multiple blueprints at once.
flask-myapi               - Flask-MyAPI - RESTful support library for Flask
Flask-Weixin              - Weixin for Flask.
flask_introspect          - basic setup of ample for flask
Flask-Sandbox             - ACL Route controls for Flask
Flask-ini                 - Allow Flask to be configured with ConfigParser ini files
flask-ab                  - 
Flask-JSONRPC             - JSON-RPC implementation for Flask
flaskapi                  - In progress.
Flask-RESTful-Fieldsets   - Extension to Flask-RESTful to create fieldsets
flaskinit                 - Bootstraps Flask projects
flask-rst                 - Create a static website from simple reStructuredText files
whs.utils.flask           - Some Flask utils, targeting REST services
Flask-Librato             - 
flask-telegram            - flask-telegram

flask extension for delivering messages. send via the app engine mail or xmpp
apis, and/or other third party providers such as sendgrid.


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Flask-WebGlEarth          - Simple extension for Flask to use WebGl Earth
Flask-Static              - Generates a static website from a Flask application
flask-crossdomain         - HTTP Access Control helper.
flask_json_resource       - UNKNOWN
Flask-Lock                - 
flask-bundle-system       - Flask extension for work with blueprints as bundles
Flask-assets-compile      - [Deprecated] Flask assets auto compile extension
Flask-PJAX                - PJAX Templating for Flask Applications
Flask-HipPocket           - A wrapper around Flask to ease the development of larger applications
flask-block               - 
Flask-SQLAlchemy-CRUD-Mixin - 
Flask-FluidDB             - Fluiddb access for flask
Flask-JSON-Validation     - 
buchner                   - Flask project template and helper library
Flask-Flipper             - 
Flask-MoSession           - Mongodb based server side session management system for Flask

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