2014----DeepFace_Closing the Gap to Human-Level Performance in Face Verification

2014----DeepID----Deep LearningFace Representation from Predicting 10,000 Classes

2014----DeepID2+----Deeply learnedface representations are sparse, selective, and robust

2014----DeepID2----Deep Learning Face Representation by Joint Identification-Verification

2014----Deeply learned face representations are sparse, selective, and robust

2014----WebFace Series----Learning Face Representation from Scratch

2015----baidu----Targeting Ultimate Accuracy_Face Recognition via Deep Embedding

2015----Deep face Series----Web-Scale Training for Face Identification

2015----Deepid3_Face recognition with very deep neural networks

2015----EmotioNet_ An accurate, real-time algorithm for the automatic annotation of a million facial expressions in the wild

2015----Face++----Naive-Deep Face Recognition_Touching the Limit of LFW Benchmark or Not

2015----FaceNet----FaceNet_A Unified Embedding for Face Recognition and Clustering--zhihu

2015----MegaFace_A Million Faces for Recognition at Scale

2015----Mnemonic Descent Method_ A recurrent process applied for end-to-end face alignment

2015----Multi-view Face Detection Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

2015----Rendering of Eyes for Eye-Shape Registration and Gaze Estimation

2015----VGGFace----Deep Face Recognition

2015----WebFace Series----A Lightened CNN for Deep Face Representation

2015----WIDER FACE_ A Face Detection Benchmark

2016---- Face Attribute Prediction Using Off-the-Shelf CNN Features

2016----3DFAW Win 1st---- Two-stage Convolutional Part Heatmap Regression for the 1st 3D Face Alignment in the Wild (3DFAW) Challenge

2016----A Discriminative Feature Learning Approach for Deep Face Recognition

2016----HyperFace_A Deep Multi-task Learning Framework for Face Detection, Landmark Localization, Pose Estimation, and Gender Recognition

2016----MTCNN----Joint Face Detection and Alignment using Multi-task Cascaded Convolutional Networks

2016----OpenFace_an open source facial behavior analysis toolkit

2017----Face Alignment Across Large Poses_ A 3D Solution

2017----Face Attention Network_An Effective Face Detector for the Occluded Faces

2017----Face2Face_Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos

2017----Finding Tiny Face

2017----SphereFace_Deep Hypersphere Embedding for Face Recognition

2017----WebFace Series----A Light CNN for Deep Face Representation with Noisy Labels

2017----NormFace_L2 Hypersphere Embedding for Face Verification


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