question about the connection of matlab and CCS

Hi Antonin,

I've been trapped by the question below for a couple of days. I have no better solutions but to seek for your help.

My question is about the connection of matlab and CCS.

The basic configuration is :

windows 10, 64-bit.



during the "support package installer", the version of Texas Instruments CCS v6 with C2000 code generation tools is required to be 6.4.6,

However, the C2000 compiler have been updated to 15.12.3.LTS which is much higher than the required version. and I can't find the version 6.2.0 that required.

the warning information in command window is :

I've build a simple simulink model to test the connection of CCS and matlab.

the configuration parameters is configured as follows:

Then I build the model. the error information is:

although I've tried all the methods that i found on Internet,I still can't figure it out.

so I've come to seek for your kindly help.

best regards

编辑于 2018-04-02