How to apply for the entrepreneur visa?

How to apply for the entrepreneur visa?

Firstly,this visa is valid for one year, but can be extended for a further one year if the foreign entrepreneur is able to demonstrate the successful in corporation of a company within this time.

Foreigners who meet the following requirements can apply for the entrepreneur visa:

1.Fresh graduates from foreign countries that have completed their studies in Chinese universities,and would like to start their own businesses in Shanghai.

2.Foreigners who plan to come to Shanghai to make their investment or start their businesses.

3.Excellent overseas graduates from top Chinese universities or world-renowned universities who graduated for no more than 2 years, but have made outstanding achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship here in Shanghai.

Besides these special requirements,most of the required documents are similar to that required of other types of visa applications. Notably, under the entrepreneur visa, applicants will also be asked the related certificate on investment, or the original copy and photocopy of registration certificate at the incubators.

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发布于 2019-01-18