[Keshi - 首次与中国粉丝对话] 享受当下,寄情音乐

[Keshi - 首次与中国粉丝对话] 享受当下,寄情音乐

今天小编为大家介绍的小众独立音乐人是来自美国休斯顿的Keshi, 小站有幸采访到keshi (Casey Luong) 本人,废话不多说就来看看keshi想对大家说的话吧~



Can you introduce your self a little bit?

“Hey, I’m keshi and I’m a singer-songwriter and producer from Houston, Texas. ”


What is your own definition of your music ?

“ I think it’s a little hard for me to put myself into one specific genre. Recently, I’d venture to say alternative hip-hop/r&b/pop. Maybe with some electronic influences here and there. Melodic, moody, yet upbeat trap I guess?I do enjoy pushing the boundaries of what I can create though.It depends on what mood I’m in and who I’m listening to/influenced by at that moment.”

“其实要把我的音乐定义为某一个音乐类型还挺难的。不过 alternative hipop/ r&b/pop算是我最近音乐的制作类型。有种电子音效的影响也在,upbeat trap的感觉也说不定。我的创作从来没有界限,常常是跟随着我的心情以及我当下在听什么音乐走的”


What motivated you to start making music ?

“ Long story short, when I was around 12 years old, I wanted to learn how to play the guitar so I could pick up girls haha. I asked my mom if she would get me a guitar, but she refused, saying that I would give it up in a week. I turned to my grandpa, who actually had a classical guitar, and he ended up giving me his old one to play around with. I took it home and just fell in love with it. I couldn’t leave it, I’d be glued to it day in and day out.I went down a rabbit hole of watching guitarists play and sing on YouTube, learning their techniques and imitating their styles. It was such a fun time in my life. Every single day after school, I couldn’t wait to go home and play. ”



Did you go to music school ?

“I am a self-taught musician. One day at school, a girl had used this song called “Daughters” by John Mayer in her project. I remember hearing it and going “Wow this song is great, I have to find out who wrote it”. I went home that day and put it into Pandora, and it started a radio based off of the specific song.The first one that played after that was “Stop This Train” by John Mayer, and after that my world was completely changed.My love for songwriting was born at that moment. I must’ve been probably 15 at the time, so I had about 3 years to learn the basics of the guitar, and this is when I started writing my own songs. As for music production, I started learning during my sophomore year in college, about 3 years ago. The same way I learned guitar, I turned to YouTube and learned by watching tons of tutorial videos and reading guides on how to achieve certain sounds. I was listening to a ton of interesting music at the time, like “tomppabeats” and “in love with a ghost”.I was obsessed with creating a diverse, dynamic soundscape. Right now, keshi is a combination of my old songwriting and my newfound production skills. ”

“我是一个“自学成才”的音乐人。有一天在学校,有个姑娘用John Mayer的“Daughter"作为她的project背景音乐。我一下就喜欢了这首歌,要知道谁写的这首歌。然后我用Pandora开始听这首歌,第二首John Mayer的“Stop This Train”开始完全改变了我的世界 -- 我开始想要写歌。那时候的我大概15岁吧,3年的吉他基础给了我开始写歌的机会。我开始学习音乐制作是在我大学二年级的时候,也就是三年前。和学习吉他一样,我也是在YouTube上自学,看了无数个教学视频和阅读材料去达到我想要的音乐效果。那个时候我听了成千上万首有趣的音乐作品,比如Tomppabeats和In love with a ghost的作品。我被这种有创意的、无限可能性的音乐效果所吸引。那么现在,我认为keshi是我过去作曲风格和现在新意的音乐制作技巧的结合。”


What impacts your music contents?

“I see keshi as a very concentrated part of me.It’s like taking all of an emotion and dialing the volume up to the max. All of the songs I write are based off of real-life experiences.Not all of them belong to me. Some of the songs I’ve written are about someone else’s experience, but from my perspective as if I were the one in that situation. I wallow myself in one specific thought or feeling, and I let my heart roam and say whatever it wants to, unhinged and completely honest, whether I’m in the right or in the wrong.”


歌曲 ' 2 soon '背后的故事

Is there any story behind '2 soon' ?

“ The story of 2 soon is about coping with rejection in the worst way: by pretending it didn’t happen. It’s how I would’ve handled the breakup that a close friend of mine had.I would’ve gone off the rails if it were me, that’s how bad it was. It would have broken me.

“2 soon”这首歌是关于被分手/被拒绝的状态: 假装什么都没有发生: 这是我面对分手可能会做的事,虽然这是我好朋友发生的事;如果发生在我身上,我可能会真的无法接受;太糟糕了,我应该会被“打败”。”


Do you have any recommendation for the people who want to start making music?

“ I think that my best piece of advice for people who want to start making music is for them to make as much as they can, and to just stick to it. It’s easy to get discouraged and want to give up, but it just takes time to find your own sound. Another thing is to just share less often. Hold onto your music for a long time until it’s ready to be heard.It’s easy to get really excited over something you just made, but take the time to look at it objectively and determine if it’s really ready to be released yet.”



What motivated you to share your process of making music? (behind video)

“ I am a nerd when it comes to music production. Watching producers do their work was so fun to me, I’d watch videos every day during meals when I was in college. I’d study them closely, listen to what techniques they used to make their beats sound modern and commercial, yet unique and listenable. This is my way of giving back.I thought others would have the same fun I had when I watched my favorite producers make their music.”



Who is your favorite musician?

“ I’ve got so many, but my all-timefavorite musician is JohnMayer. He taught me everything I know just from listening to all of his songs.He explored the fretboard in a way I’d never thought to. I know that my music doesn’t really sound like his, but that’s because my sonic qualities production-wise and melody-wise branch a little more towards hip-hop and r&b. But I think that when it comes to my songwriting, I take a lot from him.”

“我有很多喜欢的音乐人,但是John Mayer一直都是我的最爱。从他的歌曲中我真的学到了很多很多,他在吉他指板弹奏中的探索是我从来没有想到过的,我知道我的音乐和他的风格不太一样,但是是因为在音乐制作过程的不同,导致我的音乐更有hip-pop还有r&b的效果,其实在我创作过程中,他给了我很多灵感,我也从中学习到很多。”


Is there any thing you want to say to your Chinese fans?

“I would absolutely love to come to China to meet my fans. I thank each and every one of you for listening, and I hope to see you all soon.I appreciate all of the messages you send me, thank you all so much. I love you and can’t wait to perform live for you someday.It will happen, I promise. ”






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